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Welcome to Dependable Healthcare Services, Inc.

In many ways, we are dependent on each other.  We are also dependent on our community and the living environment we choose to reside in.  More importantly, we are on many levels dependent on our family members.  This becomes especially true when we reach our old age or when we go through a health crisis that we cannot go through on our own.  However, when family members have so much on their hands with work, school or other family members to take care of – who can you depend on?

Dependable Healthcare Services, Inc. – this is where our staff can be a valuable part of your health and recovery.  We are a team of nurses, home health aides, companions and personal care attendants who provide home health care services to clients at home.  Most of the cases we handle are families or individual clients who are going through a health crisis, recovering from a surgery or going through the transition towards old age.  Our staff helps these clients smoothly manage their health in the comforts of home.

Like our name, we live up to our titles as professional caregivers. We practice integrity, honesty, diligence – and above all – we practice Dependability.

Trust no other home health care provider with your health and the health of your family.  Dependable Healthcare Services, Inc. is available to serve you at home 24/7.

Please call us at 734-844-6533 for inquiries.