Reasons Why We Care

Dependable Healthcare Services, Inc. does its best to be the right choice for you.  We are always there for you.

Dependable Healthcare Services, Inc. adapts to the various needs of our clients.  Even if we have set our standards and protocol in the rendition of in-home services, we know there must be special activities we can supplement for your benefit.

Our in-home care plans are specially tailored to your needs.  We do what we can to meet to your requirements.  We collaborate with health experts from other fields to layout your in-home plan.  And this of course is through your cooperation.

Caregivers, nurses and home health aides at Dependable Healthcare Services, Inc. are well-adaptive to your requirements to – under the direction of your physician or with guidance from yourself or your family members.  Rest assured that the professionals who will be assigned to care for you at home are values-driven personnel.  More than the ability, our care providers value your dignity as a person and will preserve it to the best they can.  

Also Dependable Healthcare Services, Inc. allows time and makes an effort to hear your side.  We let your concerns be aired out.  We listen attentively and we see to it that we can address your concerns as soon as possible.

For arrangements, please call us anytime at 734-844-6533.