Registered Nurses

At the start of care provision, the Registered Nurse will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the client’s health.  The nurse will consider factors such as:

  • Living Environment
  • Availability of Family Members who can be involved in health management
  • Ability of the Patient to care for self
  • Physician’s Directives

These factors will lead to a more thorough assessment of the client’s health.  Once determined what the client’s needs are, the nurse will help in the development of a care plan that is approved or authorized by the physician.

The Care Plan usually includes:

  • Disease Management
  • Catheter Care
  • IV Therapy
  • Vital Signs Monitoring
  • Wound Care
  • Medication Administration
  • Anticoagulation Monitoring
  • Diabetic Management
  • Orthopedics
  • Pulmonary Care
  • Ostomy Care
  • Post-surgery Care
  • Tube feeding